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Demystifying ADHD:

The truth behind the mystery.

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Learn the myths that hold most entrepreneurs with ADHD back.

Do you want to know the myths that hold entrepreneurs with ADHD back from thriving?


Are you tired of starting projects but never completing them?


Hi, our names are Shannon and Dan, and we have a free life-changing webinar for you titled, “ Demystifying ADHD - The truth behind the mystery." Even If you're not an entrepreneur or in business, but you're creative, we are going to show you how you can understand the myths surrounding ADHD and learn to break from the limits that society has set for people with ADHD.

So, if you want to understand the psychological aspects of making sustainable, positive change without heaps of effort or scrolling through one Facebook group after another looking for the answers - then you don't want to miss this free webinar!

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Dan and Shannon are experts in ADHD, often working with clients who have high ambitions but struggle to make them happen. They've combined their knowledge from psychology, mental health care, and business development into this webinar alongside a signature program designed for you! The goal is to help attendees overcome common myths about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to reach potentials unrestricted by self-imposed limitations.