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Meet the Founders of ADHD Ambition

Hello I'm Shannon Bowman

‘‘I was 32 when I got my ADHD diagnosis after a lifetime of struggles with education, mental health and impulsive behaviours. I always thought there was something different or not quite right about myself because of the enormous effort I had to put into completing tasks that were tedious or outside my preferences.’

‘As a teenager I was a sponsored skateboarder and competed for many years with enormous success. My undiagnosed ADHD contributed to my success. I was able to create habits that propelled me to a high level due to my ability to hyper-focus and use calculated risk-taking.’

‘Overall, my undiagnosed ADHD made me restless. It influenced my life choices, saw me change jobs frequently and travel far and wide to avoid facing my issues. This restlessness eventually prompted me to study Qi Gong and through daily practice I developed greater focus and discipline.’

‘With greater understanding of myself and my ADHD, I became committed to incorporating helpful habits that gave me the power to control my ADHD instead of it controlling me. I was able to successfully complete multiple degrees and specialisations in EMDR therapy, as well as owning and running three successful businesses.’

Hello I'm Dan Van der Pluym

‘Throughout my life, I found it hard to stay motivated and on track. As a child I was particularly sensitive to stressors in my environment and was easily distracted. This made it difficult to commit to meaningful actions in my life and throughout my teens and early adulthood I engaged in sabotaging behaviours.’

'The turning point came when I sought help and became aware of the limiting beliefs which held me back. I started to engage in regular meditation and mindfulness practices as a way of regulating my challenging thoughts and emotions. I adopted a healthy routine and new habits, including regular exercise. I went on to complete an honours degree in Psychology and achieved academic excellence during this time.’ 

‘I went on to work for several mental health organisations in various project roles. I completed further training as a mindfulness meditation teacher, became a life coach and started my own coaching practice, known as Deeper Potential.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in life is that 'by working through our biggest struggles we can build the strength to fulfil our dreams.

Expert collaboration leads to ADHD Ambition

Shannon and Dan have combined their expertise and personal experience to bring you this life changing course, which is a structured approach to taking control of your ADHD symptoms by learning how to successfully master your habits.

You will begin the process by implementing small, achievable habits within the framework of our structured system.

As you effortlessly build on each new achievement towards your success area.

 s life.

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