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Getting prepared for ADHD Ambition online course

Tom was struggling with symptoms of ADHD until everything changed.

Aug 26, 2021

Tom was struggling with symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD until everything changed.

Tom, an entrepreneur, was struggling with his business. He was always distracted and frustrated; he felt like a failure every day.



A typical day with ADHD

"It was a typical day for Tom, he had started to feel exhausted and frustrated as his mind became scattered. He wanted more than anything to be able to focus on one task at a time without feeling overwhelmed. As he struggled with symptoms of ADHD, Tom found himself feeling like less of a person."


Tom's day got worse

His wife left him because she didn't feel liked or appreciated anymore. Life was feeling out of control for him, and his sense of self was not good.

ADHD can be a lonely road

Getting a diagnosis of ADHD

In his early 20’s, Tom was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with adult Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD in Melbourne, which made a lot of sense because he remembers always feeling different to others.


Assessment approaches for ADHD

Their are a variety ADHD diagnostic assessment tools a psychiatrist may use, which could focus on assessing attention span, working memory capacity, and cognitive flexibility.


Current challenges in Melbourne finding ADHD specialist

Trying to find a specialist in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia who is diagnosing ADHD in adults is near impossible or a long waitlist currently in 2021. You can access our ADHD Diagnosis Checklist here to get all the information you need to find a psychiatrist who can diagnosis ADHD.

Free - Check List


The impact of ADHD in adults

Tom and his wife had agreed that something had to change because their relationship was suffering, along with their mental health and if Tom wanted it to ever work, he would need to make big changes.

 Tom’s struggles with ADHD. However, they didn't know how to go about solving the issue when they couldn't even figure out what it stemmed from. Tom remembered reading about ADHD Ambition in a magazine.


Getting help for an adult diagnosed with ADHD

Tom reached out to the team from ADHD Ambition: Master your habits and mindset for success, which is an online course for people wanting to get control of their ADHD symptoms and learn to embrace their strengths.


Tom has all the common signs of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD in adults:

  1. Often misses close attention to details 

  2. Makes careless mistakes

  3. Unsustained attention

  4. Fails to listen when spoken to

  5. Poor follow-up or finishing

  6. Poor organisation

  7. Avoidance of difficult tasks

  8. Losing items

  9. Easily distracted

  10.  forgetful in daily activities


He did also have many creative strengths as do many people with ADHD:

  1. Creative

  2. Innovative

  3. Intuitive

  4. Skilled negotiator

Even though his strengths helped him be successful in business, Tom would get exhausted from the symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD.

ADHD Ambition: Master the habits and mindset you need for success

Tom started the ADHD Ambition course.

If you're trying to learn new skills, I recommend the ADHD Ambition course. It's a step-by-step program that motivates you through short videos. worksheets and heaps of resources.


Lived experience of ADHD

The course was developed by leaders in mental health, developers with lived experience of ADHD and educators on various areas topics such as time management, building blocks of sustained growth through powerful habits, values-based goal setting, focus training, stress reduction techniques and more.

ADHD Course Melbourne, Australia

The course also includes tasks designed to help participants put into practice what they are learning to create lasting behavioural changes or goals.


New outlook on life

Outside of what he learnt from the course he started by taking small steps to improve his focus; drinking more water, meditating for just 10 minutes each day, using apps like Lift or Headspace to keep calm and focused throughout the day.

Changing his habits

He would make lists of what needed to be done so the tasks were not forgotten during his day. It wasn’t easy at first but once he started seeing results- both in personal life as well as his business - he continued.


ADHD course changed his life

Tom believes if it was not for ADHD Ambition, his marriage might have failed and he most likely would have lost his business. 

                         Achieving Success with ADHD

Tom was able to make massive changes in just six months…. What could you change in that amount of time?


Grateful for the ADHD Ambition community

Tom's story is one of the many reasons why I'm so grateful to be part of this ADHD Ambition community. It has been a life-changing experience for me, and it can also be life-changing for you!


Things can get better

If you are struggling with your symptoms or want to improve your relationships, business, mental health or all three - then please get in touch today. We have helped many people with ADHD just like yourself achieve their goals by incorporating proven evidence based strategies that work with ADHD brains. You deserve success too and we'll help make that happen if you reach out now!


Author - Bio - Shannon Bowman

Shannon Bowman is the Director of SJB Clinical Consulting Pty Ltd, and Create Balance Psychotherapy & Counselling VIEW HERE.
Shannon has a clinical interest in treating trauma, PTSD and ADHD. He has a lived experience of ADHD and is passionate advocate for those affected by it.
He is accredited as an Mental Health Social Worker AMHSW, psychotherapist and registered EMDR practitioner. Associations below. 

Australian Association of Social Workers

EMDR Association of Australia .

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