ADHD: high-performance habits are learnt through taking specific steps with the desired outcome in mind. 

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ADHD Ambition is a 6-module program that combines 10 years of experience in helping many aspiring men and women transform their lives.

Our founders, Shannon and Dan have worked through their own challenges with ADHD and built a life where they have excelled. 

Through their work in Psychotherapy and Coaching, they have helped many people just like you. 

By applying expertise and evidence-based practices in neuroscientific methods of behavioural change, they created ADHD Ambition.

They have created the steps and system for you to become the high performer you have always dreamed of being!


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Imagine waking up in six months and your problems were gone.

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Imagine being able to stick to the habit of a daily exercise routine even when life gets busy.

Can you see yourself being finally able to control which challenges come next in your life and confident about who you are as an individual with ADHD?

A look at the Link between ADHD and Creativity in Entrepreneurs

May 26, 2022

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